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An Overview of Hair Restoration Procedures and Options

Lots of men and women who lose their hair have hair restoration concerns. Society places a great deal of pressure on both sexes to have a full head of hair and going bald causes others to feel nervous and self-aware. We are eager to find some way of recovering their hair lost and avoiding further loss. ForHair NYC Restoration Clinic – Dr. John Cole-Hair Transplant NYC┬áis one of the authority sites on this topic.

The first thing you can do when you’re a guy is to assess the source of your hair loss so you can come up with a practical way to handle it. There are all kinds of items and treatments to choose from for hair restoration and not all of them will be effective for you.

Hair loss happens for several reasons, it may be hereditary or due to mental or physical health problems. Stress, lack of diet, and hormonal imbalance are several factors that can restore normal hair growth until they are responsible for the hair loss. Such specific conditions can be handled with natural hair repair items such as shampoos, supplements, and herbs such as palmetto sawing.

When hair loss is hereditary, it may not be possible to reverse it with natural treatments, then hair restore surgery may be required. There are two main forms of hair repair surgery, hair graft transplantation, and scalp stretching procedures.

Small hair grafts are taken from donor areas on the scalp with hair transplantation, and inserted in the bald area. It is typically a long drawn out process which takes several months to complete and repeated procedures.

Scalp stretching procedure involves surgically extracting the bald head. Nearby skin covered with hair is then spread over the skull where it covers the bald skin. There is a risk of bleeding and scarring, since the skin is stretched too tightly.

Please bear in mind that the cost of surgery is high. The grafts cost around $5 each, and maybe you need a thousand or more grafts. The less grafts you need to cover your balding areas, the lower the cost of surgery. Most hair restoration clinics provide insurance, so you can pay more affordably for the treatment.

Side effects of hair restore surgery are uncommon but can occur. The procedure requires a general anesthesia or a sedated local anesthetic. Anesthesia itself may actually cause an adverse reaction. Post-op infection is often a possibility as with any surgery.

Since this operation is a expensive and complicated process, you should search out the most qualified doctor to do the procedure. Choose someone who comes with a friend you trust and make sure he’s had plenty of experience with this treatment and you feel comfortable about his care.