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How To Select A Divorce Lawyer

Choosing a divorce attorney to deal with your family law case is a very important decision. The following are a few key criteria to help you find the best divorce lawyer. York Korey Leslie, Attorney-At-Law, LLC  has some nice tips on this.

Experience and Focus Any divorce lawyer you think should have extensive experience in dealing with divorce cases at your place. An experienced divorce lawyer will be aware of the habits of the different judges in your jurisdiction and should be able to use that information to your gain. In fact, the lawyer will mainly practice in the area of divorce law. People will often hire an attorney who works mainly in some other field, assuming that any lawyer will do so. Divorce law, however, is a very specialized field requiring particular skills and experience in order to have a chance of a successful conclusion.

Past Client Testimonials Maybe the best way to decide which divorce lawyer is to find out what former clients have to say about that lawyer. Though divorce is never an easy process, some divorce lawyers have more success than others in satisfying their clients. If you don’t know someone who has been a client of that particular divorce lawyer, you might consider asking the lawyer for a list of clients you can email, who can explain their experience with the lawyer. Although confidentiality with clients is crucial, any good experienced divorce lawyer should have at least a couple of former clients who are willing to vouch for it.

Open One of the most common complaints when a client is unhappy with a divorce lawyer is that they have been unable to connect with the lawyer. It is very critical that your divorce lawyer is open and timely when it comes to responding to your phone calls, emails and meeting requests. While you can ask the divorce attorney about their office policy, this is another place where you can better judge the divorce attorney by seeing what previous clients have to say.

If an attorney’s former client informed you that they found it very difficult to reach the attorney, or that the attorney either failed to return calls or answer emails, or would take several days to do so, you will definitely avoid the attorney. Under the best of circumstances, divorce is a disagreeable and frustrating process. When you can’t reach your divorce attorney, or at least someone on his or her team, the level of frustration can increase exponentially.

Fees You can ask about a consultation fee when you make your initial appointment with the Divorce Attorney. Some lawyers offer brief initial consultations free of charge, although most seasoned divorce lawyers may charge a consultation fee of between $100.00 and $200.00, or charge a regular hourly rate.

Comfortable While all of the above questions are relevant, you should ask yourself one final question before hiring a divorce lawyer. Are you at ease with that lawyer and sure of his or her abilities? If the response is anything but a resounding “yes,” then you should continue looking. It’s too important to entrust your case to someone who doesn’t inspire confidence.