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Importance Of Ileostomy Support Belts

Skin may get permanently damaged without proper treatment. Skin will look and feel the same as the rest of the body, including the stoma. Here are a few suggestions that can help reduce skin irritation. Get more info about ileostomy support belts and wraps.

The opening of skin barrier and pouch system should be the correct size for the stoma. Unless the opening is too small it can damage the stoma. If the opening is too wide, the skin is exposed to radiation and becomes irritated. Assure that you are using a pouching device that suits the stoma.

Should scratching or burning occur, turn the appliance quickly.

When adjusting the appliance, instead of pushing the appliance off the skin, move the skin away from the barrier.

With warm water clean up the area around the stoma. One can use mild soaps as tolerated. Thoroughly dry the skin before adding a new device.

If the skin gets irritated using skin care products.

Blood spots are common on stoma. The stoma is very delicate, and can cause slight bleeding by cleaning around the stoma. The bleeding will be very quick to avoid, and minimal.

When dealing with a stoma and the surrounding skin it is very important to be very delicate. It can be very unpleasant for the ileostomy patient, with the skin too frequently exposed to stomach acids. When the skin is red and irritated, it’s probably time to clean the skins with soap and warm water. Be careful not to rub your skin because this is going to be very painful. Consider blotting the skin with a moist soapy wash cloth, instead.