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Neurvana Health Naturopathic Clinic-An Analysis

We are right in the middle of a paradigm shift. Our knowledge of health and medicine is expanding, and both practitioners and patients support an integrated , holistic solution. Neurvana Health Naturopathic Clinic offers excellent info on this. Patients are becoming more aware via the twitter, word of mouth and intensive study that in the current standard of care in the American healthcare system, there is something drastically lacking from medicine. What they consider, and turn to, is a group of doctors who have also adopted this extended approach to medicine. After realizing that something was missing from their medical training, some of these practitioners adopted a more holistic approach, and sought postgraduate training to complement their understanding of holistic medicine. Before attending medical school other practitioners found their zeal, and sought the research of naturopathic medicine.

What is Naturopathic Medicine, and where does Naturopathic Medicine fit into the paradigm shift?

What’s This Medicine field?

Naturopathic doctors (ND) are specialists in integrative medicine, combining extensive education and training in both natural and conventional medicine, highlighting the use of the safest, least invasive methods of treating disease through health restoration. The training includes a 4-year graduate program, national board reviews in basic and clinical sciences and curriculum including basic sciences, clinical sciences, diagnostic techniques and tests, pharmacology, minor surgery and a range of natural therapies including botanical medicine, nutritional and nutritional biochemistry, physical medicine, homeopathy, Eastern and Chinese medicine.

Integral to this medicine is a unifying philosophical approach to health summed up in The Principals of Naturopathic Medicine, which recognizes the innate wisdom and healing capacity of the body (Vis Medicatrix Naturae) and the role of the physician in the treatment of illness by restoring the body to its natural and balanced state (Tolle Causum). Treatment programs integrate multiple modalities, including nutritional and lifestyle modification, homeopathy, botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, IV nutrient therapy, and pharmaceutical intervention when warranted. ND ‘s start with the least invasive therapies and only proceed as needed to higher levels of intervention. This approach is outlined in what is termed the “Therapy Order”

Naturopathic Medicine The Principles:

1. First Do No Harm, Primum Non Nocere-this principle is at the basis of any medical professional. ND’s follow a therapeutic order which emphasizes the use of least force necessary to restore health, using the least toxic and minimally invasive interventions and only proceeding to more toxic and invasive interventions when necessary

2. The Healing Power of Nature, Vis Medicatrix Naturae-First described by Hippocrates as the healing power of nature. It is the essential energy of a person within that allows an human to conquer disease. Naturopathic medicine recognizes an inherent self-healing process that is ordered and intelligent in every person. The act of ND to recognise and eliminate obstacles to healing and regeneration, and to promote and enhance this natural cycle of self-healing.

3. Recognize and Treat the Problem, Tolle Causam-The practitioner tries to identify and eliminate the root factors of the condition, rather than simply removing or mitigating the patient’s symptoms.

4. Doctor As Instructor, Docere -ND’s educate their patients and promote safety self-responsibility. They also recognize and harness the therapeutic potential of the relationship between doctor and patient.

5. Handle the Entire Individual-ND’s handle each patient taking into consideration the physical, behavioral, financial, genetic, economic , social, moral, and other influences leading to one’s wellbeing.

6. Avoidance-ND stresses the avoidance of risk-assessing causes, heredity and illness vulnerability and aims to make informed choices in collaboration with their patients