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Selecting A Custom Home Builder near me

If the proper “Due Diligence” is not exercised, finding a Maryland Custom Home Builder can be very exciting, very gratifying and VERY nerve racking. Custom Home Builder near me offers excellent info on this.

Look for the BAITERS!


A “Baiter” is a Builder who will quote a ridiculously low price per dollar square foot. The low cost per square foot catches your attention. The tactic / ploy will then prompt you to contact the Custom Builder. It is when you begin to “peel the onion back” that you begin to realize that the ridiculously low price per square foot number does not include everything (site work, all permits, etc …) and is quoted with low grade / substandard materials.

When choosing a Maryland Custom Home Builder what are the “Pretty Sure” items to do?

1) Make sure ANY Maryland Custom Home Builder quotes the price ALL inclusive. This involves, but is not limited to, ALL approvals, ALL needed site work (driveway, excavations, septic, etc …) and Any appropriate hookups (water & sewer, well & septic, gas & electric). Then, before it is too late, NO surprises. If you’re not a handyman, then you’ll want the Design Home Construction phase to be “Turn-Key”

2 ) Make sure that when contrasting products utilized by every Maryland New Home Designer, you equate the “Oranges to Oranges.” The usage of 2×4 versus 2×6 building, Formica Countertops versus Granite Counter tops, Single Hung windows versus Double Hung Windows, Brick versus Vinyl Siding, Cabinet Grades, Carpet Grades, Appliances Grades, the list will go on and on … The easiest way to do is run a code database that contrasts the features used from one Custom Home Builder viewpoint to another Custom Home Builder.

3 ) Make sure you are visiting a few Model Homes under development to test out “Housing Standard” and the specific products used. If you see a subcontractor / vendor on-site, don’t take up an excessive amount of time (they ‘re working) but ask them, “Do you like working for this particular custom builder?” If there are any payment issues or if it’s a poorly run job site, you might be surprised at the candid answers you’ll get. Note the work site state. Is it dirty or sloppy? That can be an indication of an attitude of “I don’t care.”

4) Make sure a communication process is in place during the construction process. EVERY week, you will be told of what activities are planned for that specific week at your house. Pictures, phone calls, letters etc … All are great tools for a Maryland Custom Home Builder to stay in touch with their customer.

5) Make sure to have EXCELLENT customer references for any builder you consider. Contact multiple references and ask them about their overall Custom Builder experience. If people were not happy with their experience-they are going to tell you that.