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Understanding How Bail Bonds Work

The bail bond scheme is common in many court systems, and it allows you the right to stay free for the time prior to your conviction and sentencing. While the program is popular, not a lot of people understand how it functions. Here’s an description to direct you on how it works: If an arrest occurs You are brought to trial when you are charged, and a preliminary hearing is held. You will plead guilty, or not guilty, during the hearing. It is at this hearing that the bail amount is set by the presiding judge. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Connecticut Bail Bonds Group-Bail Bondsman. After bail has been set If the bail amount has been set by the judge, you can pay the bail now and get out of prison. You’ll be required to pay the bond to the court clerk or the jail depending on your state or country of residence. Some states require you to pay the bond to the bondholder, who is an independent third party approved by the court to handle the money. Once you have paid the amount, you are released from prison until the dateContinue readingUnderstanding How Bail Bonds Work

What You Need to Know About Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

Whether you or a loved one have ever been incarcerated you realize how traumatic the scenario will get. When you are convicted and put into the criminal justice system, it is sort of like going on a roller coaster trip. You are locked into a roller coaster car and you can’t exit the car until the ride is over and it is one heck of a ride. Unlike a roller coaster ride however, an arrest and the ensuing hearings and trial that are a part of the process, are not quick and they are definitely not does bail work is one of the authority sites on this topic. Once you are arrested and processed or booked into jail you likely won’t see a judge for your preliminary hearing for twenty four hours. And that ‘s business day hours. If you get arrested on a Friday night you will be in jail until your preliminary hearing on Monday with no chance for bail until your hearing. Once you get to your preliminary hearing you will be allowed to do two things that are important. First you are able to enter you plea into the record and second the judge willContinue readingWhat You Need to Know About Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

Bail Bonds Services Provided For You

Express bonds headquartered in Ohio sell its clients bail bond facilities. If any of your friends or family members have been detained for any cause, you can refer to this company. Bail Bonds Ohio will help you by securing a bond for an individual to be released. The bond brokers who belong to this company are professional individuals. We have been providing support for over 16 years and a large number of offenders have been released. The company offers contracts to criminals. Even for a variety of legal matters Bond is provided. People who were arrested after driving drunk can consult this company to obtain Ohio Bail Bonds. When people are arrested for rendering domestic violence, there might be situation. You don’t need to worry, since Ohio Bail Bonds can be granted. Those people can also solve matters related to retail fraud or stalking. It doesn’t matter which legal matters you are concerned with. You just have to approach your problem with this company. To solve your problem Express bonds take full responsibility. They can reach out to you at any jail.You may find more information at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group of New Haven CT. Express Bonds Agency is openContinue readingBail Bonds Services Provided For You