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Tag: Fire Extinguishing Systems

Know the Working of Fire Extinguishing Systems!

Fire extinguishers are handy devices that keep a fire from spreading. These systems prove to be the call of the day by cutting the supplies of oxygen by sheer force, or by forming a blanket around the fire. Fire alarms are also useful because they can sense possible fire damage. Fire extinguishing devices, also known as fire suppression systems, are compatible with fire alarm systems and smoke alarms, in compliance with a legal clause-NFPA 13. There are essentially two types of fire suppressant systems: Wet Fire Sprinklers and Gaseous Agents.Feel free to find more information at Sinisi Solutions-Fire Wall Construction. Wet fire sprinklers sprinkle water when the effects of a spread of fire have been detected, such as smoke or increased surrounding thermal temperature compared to normal room temperature. Each such sprinkler has a highly sensitive glass bulb connected by a metal (as it is a good conductor) to the sprinkler. Each sprinkler works independently with other sprinklers and thus facilitates water supply to the affected area. The liquid inside the bulb is expanding due to excessive heat, and as a result, the bulb’s glass breaks. The bulb color indicates the fire propagation power. The bulb, for example, gets anContinue readingKnow the Working of Fire Extinguishing Systems!