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Which is Better – A Marble or Granite Countertop

If you are planning to give your kitchen a whole new look, the first thing you can do is to change the table. There are many countertop options available on the market, highly popular among buyers are marble and granite counters from which.Do you want to learn more? Visit for marble counters. The countertops both have some advantages and drawbacks. Compared to granite a marble countertop is reasonably priced, therefore it is easy to afford. Not only does the countertop look good but it also prevents the growth of bacteria and is hygienic. Whereas a marble surface, on the other side, is not scratch-resistant and is less strong compared to granite. The counter won’t show much reaction to the cleaning agents and you’ll find it hard to clean the spilled liquid stains on the counter. It is less durable, as the marble counter is less heat resistant. Coming to graphite countertops, these are available in different styles, colors and textures that enhance your options for selection. The store is solid, looks beautiful and is extremely durable. The best part about granite is its extreme scratch and stain resistance, and if you compare granite with marble, it has a much greaterContinue readingWhich is Better – A Marble or Granite Countertop