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Your Package Design Should Work for YOUR Product

Execute the Brand Strategy in Your Packaging: The goal of a successful package design is to execute the brand strategy, not reflect the particular style of a designer. Sometimes designers can get caught up in the work and bring too much of their personal style into a packaging design for your product. And it’s always a good idea to remind everyone in the team that the product is the star of the project-not the design. The package design should reflect what’s best for the product to be sold, not the particular style or trend of the designer.You can learn more at package design. This may seem obvious but a fast walk through a store’s aisles will reveal how much this and other simple principles of design are overlooked. For example, the hot new typeface may be a script or cursive font, but it may also be harder to read than a simple font, as the shopper scans the store shelves quickly. A light or script font in the meeting room may be attractive; however, it needs to excel in the store where visibility is typically less than ideal. Design for Legibility: The use of light colored lettering on a darkContinue readingYour Package Design Should Work for YOUR Product