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What You Need to Know About Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

Whether you or a loved one have ever been incarcerated you realize how traumatic the scenario will get. When you are convicted and put into the criminal justice system, it is sort of like going on a roller coaster trip. You are locked into a roller coaster car and you can’t exit the car until the ride is over and it is one heck of a ride. Unlike a roller coaster ride however, an arrest and the ensuing hearings and trial that are a part of the process, are not quick and they are definitely not does bail work is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Once you are arrested and processed or booked into jail you likely won’t see a judge for your preliminary hearing for twenty four hours. And that ‘s business day hours. If you get arrested on a Friday night you will be in jail until your preliminary hearing on Monday with no chance for bail until your hearing. Once you get to your preliminary hearing you will be allowed to do two things that are important. First you are able to enter you plea into the record and second the judge will set bail. Obviously if you plead guilty, you very likely won’t be getting bail granted. Most defendants plead an automatic not guilty. This is not a trial and your lawyer won’t be arguing anything at this point but possible your bail amount.

Once bail is set you have two options available to you. You can either afford your own bail, because you have some fairly big bank lying around with quick access to money or you can find a bail bondsman to make the bail for you.

Bail bonds are a way to practically ensure your attendance at the pending court. A bail bondsman is usually a person or a corporation that will pay your bail and guarantee you will be at your trial. If you don’t show at your trial the bail bonds are forfeited to the court and you will have an arrest warrant issued for failure to appear.

In addition to getting your probation and all possible parole withdrawn because you don’t present for a court appearance you would look convicted and it will go some way to taint a conviction except in the best of conditions. Not to mention you would be tracked down by the bail bondsman so they can recoup any of their expense.